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Caitlin Ollier - Lifestyle Model / Surfer
I'm an energetic, out going and bubbly person who loves nothing more than the great outdoors! The beach is a big part of my life, and has been since i was a bub. I'm a qualified surfing instructor, qualified personal trainer, and I'm also an aerobic/gymnastic coach. Surfing is my religion.

Natalie McCarthy - Model / Surfer
I'm 18 and graduated last year! Yew! I love the beach and surf whenever I can. I enjoy most sports have also been dancing all my life. I'm working and chilling out this year.

Nikki Rose Quinlan - Model / Surfer / Skateboarder
I love surfing and skating. I get a butterfly tummy before comps haha. I like fun smaller fast waves. I hate paddling and wish surf boards transformed in to jet ski's or something haha.