Hive Girls - Surfers

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Amy Kotch
Born and raised in California, Amy first visited Indonesia in 2001 swearing to move somewhere tropical one day.

Erin Dark - Current Australian and NSW Longboard Champion
I am 18 years old. I am a competitive longboard and SUP surfer with a love and passion for surfing, which I hope might take me somewhere one day. I started shortboarding at the age of 11, then moved onto longboarding 4 years ago.

Isabella Nichols - Surfer
I am 15 years old and have been surfing competively for 3 years. I love going out and surfing with my friends and my dad.

Jacinta Greenup
I love surfing, it is the best sport you can do.

Jaleesa Vincent - Junior Surfer State Titles Level
I have been at the beach all my life, as my brother is a keen surfer, he got me into surfing. I began at the age of six.

Keely Andrew - Surfer
Competitive surfer from the Sunshine Coast, hoping to compete in all of the WQS and Pro Junior events in 2013 with a hopeful qualification for the 2014 World Tour.

Lilly Pollard - Bodyboarder
I like all the fun things in life... Travel, adventure, friends, family, fiestas, fishing, finding new waves, and of course bodyboarding. It’s my passion.

Sophie McCulloch
In the future I would like to travel the world and surf all the breaks I have heard about. I am currently training regularly with Grant Thomas and Ian Portingale to reach my best potential in the sport I love.